Your benefit is our interest."

About Us

Challenger Financial Services was established in April of 2007. Bradford Engel, the owner and broker advisor of the establishment, has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry. We started off with Old Mutual then and now we have also progressed to having a wider range of insurers on board, like Discovery, Liberty, Sanlam, Momentum and Metropolitan, etc.

We offer a wide range of services from medical aidsrisk, investments and retirement planning. We are constantly looking at performances of investments especially those clients that invest with us and to keep our clients informed of there investment progresses.

Challenger Financial Services is an insurance brokerage and we believe it is different from other brokerages as we have the people’s needs at heart. We would like to build a continuous trust with our clients, by keeping our word and they can rely on us to provide the products and services they so richly deserve.
We believe in passing our knowledge and expertise on to our client’s and to get our investors to treat their investments wisely. We do that by analysing our client’s risk appetite. Our aim over time has always been to carefully monitor investments and advise our clients accordingly. We apply an investment risk strategy taking our concerns to the insurer/investment house and consulting with relevant fund managers for a solution on the way forward for our clients.

We do not hold any one insurance company in favour over another. Our track record speaks for itself.